A259, , East Sussex

Location Map

Traffic Region: South East

Traffic Authority: East Sussex

Road Number: A259

Road Type: Class A Principal road in Urban area

OS Grid: TV617990

Location: Eastbourne

Census Point ID: 26849

Census Point Coverage: A259 between Susan's Road and A2021

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Traffic by Year

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Traffic statistics by year: All traffic

Pedal Cycles13212613111794641016371717178741161131059894
Motorcycles and Mopeds12413013519212656494745504841395149434343
Buses and Coaches291305307299245261242220191189214202220320308332308287
Light Goods Vehicles9729781,0481,1381,253477484510521529565631638606648679742781
Two-axle Rigid HGVs13212611911514092898382758081823738363736
Three-axle Rigid HGVs777798878889101112131213
Four-axle Rigid HGVs111111111111144455
Three-axle Articulated HGVs322222211111100000
Five-axle Articulated HGVs333333222222211111
Six-axle Articulated HGVs111110000000000000
All HGVs1471401331291561061029494879294955355535454
All motor vehicles9,5819,3519,5469,3879,5095,0694,9674,8964,7874,8784,9184,9554,9175,7675,9266,0706,1866,168

Traffic statistics by year: Eastbound

Pedal Cycles716871635164101637171717874
Motorcycles and Mopeds45474970465649474550484139
Buses and Coaches254266268261214261242220191189214202220
Light Goods Vehicles475478512556612477484510521529565631638
Two-axle Rigid HGVs58555250619289838275808182
Three-axle Rigid HGVs44445887888910
Four-axle Rigid HGVs1111111111111
Three-axle Articulated HGVs3222222111111
Five-axle Articulated HGVs2222232222222
Six-axle Articulated HGVs1111100000000
All HGVs6965626072106102949487929495
All motor vehicles5,3615,2345,3395,2305,2835,0694,9674,8964,7874,8784,9184,9554,917

Traffic statistics by year: Westbound

Pedal Cycles6158605443
Motorcycles and Mopeds79838612280
Buses and Coaches3739393831
Light Goods Vehicles497500536582641
Two-axle Rigid HGVs7471676579
Three-axle Rigid HGVs33334
Four-axle Rigid HGVs00000
Three-axle Articulated HGVs00000
Five-axle Articulated HGVs11111
Six-axle Articulated HGVs00000
All HGVs7875716984
All motor vehicles4,2204,1174,2074,1574,226

Traffic statistics by year: Northbound

Pedal Cycles1161131059794
Motorcycles and Mopeds5149434243
Buses and Coaches320308332330287
Light Goods Vehicles606648679729781
Two-axle Rigid HGVs3738363736
Three-axle Rigid HGVs1112131213
Four-axle Rigid HGVs44455
Three-axle Articulated HGVs00000
Five-axle Articulated HGVs11111
Six-axle Articulated HGVs00000
All HGVs5355535554
All motor vehicles5,7675,9266,0706,2366,168


Figures are daily averages calculated from all traffic counts over the course of the year.

Values are rounded to the nearest whole number.

A value of zero for any entry means that there were either no recorded vehicles of that type or too few to register after rounding.

A blank value means that there were no counts made in that year.

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