A827, Highland

Location Map

Traffic Region: Scotland

Traffic Authority: Perth & Kinross

Street Name: A827

Road Number: A827

Road Type: Class A Road in Rural Area

OS Grid: NN900523

Location: Highland

Census Point ID: 80370

Census Point Coverage: A827 between A826 and B898

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Traffic by Year

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Traffic statistics by year: All traffic

Pedal Cycles000000000000000
Motorcycles and Mopeds2423283639454849495247474300
Buses and Coaches414446483751484951536161693637
Light Goods Vehicles354354366400392447473498520561576604583569619
Two-axle Rigid HGVs1481401421351301001021041021021051051027880
Three-axle Rigid HGVs293235353522222224262628291820
Four-axle Rigid HGVs4444417182021211719212931
Three-axle Articulated HGVs2222222201818161814111111
Five-axle Articulated HGVs14121088766655551414
Six-axle Articulated HGVs161820222215161818181820211618
All HGVs213208213206201183184188189188189191189166174
All motor vehicles2,7492,7972,9123,0333,0513,1693,2203,1853,1693,2283,1603,1743,1143,0523,138

Traffic statistics by year: Eastbound

Pedal Cycles0000000
Motorcycles and Mopeds161518232500
Buses and Coaches22242526201818
Light Goods Vehicles176176182199195271295
Two-axle Rigid HGVs73697067643738
Three-axle Rigid HGVs151719191999
Four-axle Rigid HGVs222221213
Three-axle Articulated HGVs2222233
Five-axle Articulated HGVs7654444
Six-axle Articulated HGVs891011111213
All HGVs1071051081051027782
All motor vehicles1,4041,4291,4891,5521,5611,5251,567

Traffic statistics by year: Westbound

Pedal Cycles0000000
Motorcycles and Mopeds8810131400
Buses and Coaches19202122171919
Light Goods Vehicles178178184201197298324
Two-axle Rigid HGVs75717268664142
Three-axle Rigid HGVs14151616161011
Four-axle Rigid HGVs222221618
Three-axle Articulated HGVs0000088
Five-axle Articulated HGVs76544109
Six-axle Articulated HGVs8910111145
All HGVs106103105101998992
All motor vehicles1,3451,3681,4231,4811,4901,5281,571

Traffic statistics by year: Northbound

Pedal Cycles00000000
Motorcycles and Mopeds2628292931282826
Buses and Coaches2624252627313135
Light Goods Vehicles238252265277299307322311
Two-axle Rigid HGVs4546474646474746
Three-axle Rigid HGVs1010101112121314
Four-axle Rigid HGVs91011111191011
Three-axle Articulated HGVs1110998975
Five-axle Articulated HGVs11111111
Six-axle Articulated HGVs1314161616161819
All HGVs8991949494949696
All motor vehicles1,6421,6701,6541,6461,6781,6421,6511,620

Traffic statistics by year: Southbound

Pedal Cycles00000000
Motorcycles and Mopeds1920202021191918
Buses and Coaches2524242526303034
Light Goods Vehicles209221233243262269282272
Two-axle Rigid HGVs5556575656585856
Three-axle Rigid HGVs1212121314141516
Four-axle Rigid HGVs88910108910
Three-axle Articulated HGVs1110998975
Five-axle Articulated HGVs65554444
Six-axle Articulated HGVs22222222
All HGVs9493949594959594
All motor vehicles1,5271,5501,5311,5231,5501,5181,5231,494


Figures are daily averages calculated from all traffic counts over the course of the year.

Values are rounded to the nearest whole number.

A value of zero for any entry means that there were either no recorded vehicles of that type or too few to register after rounding.

A blank value means that there were no counts made in that year.

Click or tap on the column headings to see a pie chart of the data.

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