A9, Tain and Easter Ross

Location Map

Traffic Region: Scotland

Traffic Authority: Highland

Street Name: A9

Road Number: A9

Road Type: Class A Trunk Road in Rural Area

OS Grid: NH760842

Location: Tain and Easter Ross

Census Point ID: 80001

Census Point Coverage: A9 between B9174 and A836

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Traffic by Year

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Traffic statistics by year: All traffic

Pedal Cycles0011989888986664
Motorcycles and Mopeds454940424853515448514852495157
Buses and Coaches616198189949898104108130102110117125132
Light Goods Vehicles8028324314517657688078909079118128779189551,006
Two-axle Rigid HGVs7475166157248245257259255241238257253249243
Three-axle Rigid HGVs465569695554545461635458626569
Four-axle Rigid HGVs293050522224262931312628313436
Three-axle Articulated HGVs343184792320181715151618141111
Five-axle Articulated HGVs676068594136323229263032323230
Six-axle Articulated HGVs758759642830323436363234363942
All HGVs325338496480417409419425427412396427428430431
All motor vehicles5,2135,2644,7825,0026,6156,6416,8476,9126,8206,9466,4756,9957,0387,0887,223

Traffic statistics by year: Northbound

Pedal Cycles7655555643
Motorcycles and Mopeds13142932313329312426
Buses and Coaches41794648485153645155
Light Goods Vehicles234245402404424468477479405438
Two-axle Rigid HGVs9388122120126127125118119129
Three-axle Rigid HGVs35353231313135362729
Four-axle Rigid HGVs2425910111213131314
Three-axle Articulated HGVs494615131211101089
Five-axle Articulated HGVs28241816141413121516
Six-axle Articulated HGVs24261415161718181617
All HGVs253244210205210212214207198214
All motor vehicles2,3532,4543,3833,3963,5013,5353,4893,5543,2303,492

Traffic statistics by year: Southbound

Pedal Cycles4334333343
Motorcycles and Mopeds27281921202119202426
Buses and Coaches571104850505355665155
Light Goods Vehicles197206363364383422430432407439
Two-axle Rigid HGVs7369126125131132130123119128
Three-axle Rigid HGVs34342323232326272729
Four-axle Rigid HGVs26271314151718181314
Three-axle Articulated HGVs353387665589
Five-axle Articulated HGVs40352320181816141516
Six-axle Articulated HGVs35381415161718181617
All HGVs243236207204209213213205198213
All motor vehicles2,4292,5483,2323,2453,3463,3773,3313,3923,2453,503

Traffic statistics by year: Eastbound

Pedal Cycles332
Motorcycles and Mopeds242528
Buses and Coaches586266
Light Goods Vehicles459477503
Two-axle Rigid HGVs127125122
Three-axle Rigid HGVs313335
Four-axle Rigid HGVs161718
Three-axle Articulated HGVs756
Five-axle Articulated HGVs161615
Six-axle Articulated HGVs181921
All HGVs214215216
All motor vehicles3,5143,5373,606

Traffic statistics by year: Westbound

Pedal Cycles332
Motorcycles and Mopeds242528
Buses and Coaches586266
Light Goods Vehicles460478504
Two-axle Rigid HGVs126124121
Three-axle Rigid HGVs313335
Four-axle Rigid HGVs161718
Three-axle Articulated HGVs756
Five-axle Articulated HGVs161615
Six-axle Articulated HGVs181921
All HGVs213214215
All motor vehicles3,5253,5483,617


Figures are daily averages calculated from all traffic counts over the course of the year.

Values are rounded to the nearest whole number.

A value of zero for any entry means that there were either no recorded vehicles of that type or too few to register after rounding.

A blank value means that there were no counts made in that year.

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