Llantrisant Road, Pentyrch

Location Map

Traffic Region: Wales

Traffic Authority: Cardiff

Street Name: Llantrisant Road

Road Number: A4119

Road Type: Class A Road in Rural Area

OS Grid: ST100799

Location: Pentyrch

Census Point ID: 78436

Census Point Coverage: Llantrisant Road between B4262 Heol Isaf and Cardiff boundary

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Traffic by Year

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Traffic statistics by year: All traffic

Pedal Cycles201820111115151529344741383830
Motorcycles and Mopeds126140138981024034341251306571666668
Buses and Coaches969410110591110103112131131123129127117119
Light Goods Vehicles6276487009419488358759664764858088558979631,035
Two-axle Rigid HGVs246243250135139969810675685455565555
Three-axle Rigid HGVs6272802224131315272777889
Four-axle Rigid HGVs141416141522299911131415
Three-axle Articulated HGVs201817661111104422111
Five-axle Articulated HGVs151312331112244443
Six-axle Articulated HGVs345332221133333
All HGVs3603643801831901251271361181117982848587
All motor vehicles9,7329,7959,97011,18711,20010,08310,36310,2329,9469,8449,6329,7199,5159,4189,611

Traffic statistics by year: Northbound

Pedal Cycles11101122
Motorcycles and Mopeds6067664749
Buses and Coaches5554585144
Light Goods Vehicles204211228401404
Two-axle Rigid HGVs1681661716567
Three-axle Rigid HGVs5766731111
Four-axle Rigid HGVs88955
Three-axle Articulated HGVs87722
Five-axle Articulated HGVs15131200
Six-axle Articulated HGVs00033
All HGVs2562602728688
All motor vehicles4,4964,5254,6045,1065,110

Traffic statistics by year: Southbound

Pedal Cycles98999
Motorcycles and Mopeds6673725153
Buses and Coaches4140435447
Light Goods Vehicles423437472540544
Two-axle Rigid HGVs7877797072
Three-axle Rigid HGVs5671113
Four-axle Rigid HGVs667910
Three-axle Articulated HGVs12111044
Five-axle Articulated HGVs00033
Six-axle Articulated HGVs34500
All HGVs10410410897102
All motor vehicles5,2365,2705,3666,0816,090

Traffic statistics by year: Eastbound

Pedal Cycles88818212522212016
Motorcycles and Mopeds19161668713033303132
Buses and Coaches55525666666366656061
Light Goods Vehicles460482532234238399422443475511
Two-axle Rigid HGVs58596433302930303030
Three-axle Rigid HGVs778161644455
Four-axle Rigid HGVs2223345667
Three-axle Articulated HGVs7763322111
Five-axle Articulated HGVs1111122222
Six-axle Articulated HGVs1110011111
All HGVs76778256534244454546
All motor vehicles5,6745,8325,7565,1495,0965,0165,0604,9524,8994,998

Traffic statistics by year: Westbound

Pedal Cycles77711132219181814
Motorcycles and Mopeds21181857593538353537
Buses and Coaches55515665656063625758
Light Goods Vehicles375393434242247409433454488524
Two-axle Rigid HGVs38394242382525252525
Three-axle Rigid HGVs667111133344
Four-axle Rigid HGVs0006656788
Three-axle Articulated HGVs4441100000
Five-axle Articulated HGVs0001122222
Six-axle Articulated HGVs1111122222
All HGVs49505462583738394141
All motor vehicles4,4094,5314,4764,7974,7484,6164,6594,5634,5204,614


Figures are daily averages calculated from all traffic counts over the course of the year.

Values are rounded to the nearest whole number.

A value of zero for any entry means that there were either no recorded vehicles of that type or too few to register after rounding.

A blank value means that there were no counts made in that year.

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